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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Wife

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Wife

This holiday, show her extra love and awareness of what she most enjoys when you choose a Valentine’s Day gift for your wife from our extensive collection. From chocolate dipped fruit and personal cake bundles to celebratory balloons and the sheer elegance of fresh flower bouquets, shop now for the Valentine’s Day gift that she is sure to love!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Wife
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Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Wife

To set the mood for this love-centered day, select romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for wives that fit their individual styles. Is she a fan of the classics? Design a magical evening where viewing her favourite romantic film together is enhanced by your thoughtful gift of a colourful fresh flower and delicious chocolate covered strawberry gift set. Is an outdoor adventure a better fit for your wife? Whether there is snow on the ground or not, she is sure to enjoy a walk with her love and arrive home to the special surprise delivery of a celebratory balloon proclaiming your love bundled with a decadent, festively decorated cupcake and fruit platter. Like the thoughtful attention given to each mouth-watering Swizzle Berry®, each strawberry delicately swirled in chocolate and topped with artful decor in a variety of colours, your consideration and awareness of what constitutes a romantic gesture for her will surely mean so much to her.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Pregnant Wife

Depending on her current craving or how she is feeling each day, choosing Valentine’s Day gifts for pregnant wives might seem like quite a challenge. For the expectant mother for whom crackers and ginger have been the daily staples, make her smile with a vibrant rose bouquet and heart cookie gift box to enjoy now or when her tummy is up to it. A fresh fruit arrangement, like the Simply Edible Bouquet™ offers nutrients and refreshment, as well as several different fruit choices. If chocolate or other confections top the must-have list during this pregnancy, one of our chocolate dipped fruit assortments or cake, cupcake, and cookie platter is sure to surprise and delight her!

Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for Wife

Finding creative Valentine’s Day gifts for wives doesn’t mean you need to find a hot air balloon or attempt DIY skywriting. Instead, think about what she most enjoys and try to find a new twist on that preference or complement to that interest. A health-focused wife might enjoy a variation on her morning bowl of fruit by plucking it straight from an incredible bouquet of grapes, pineapples, melons, that surprised her with its arrival right to her door. Show her that you care about the details with a personalized gift box including her favourite fruits dipped in chocolate, cupcake assortments, cheesecakes with various toppings, or a combination of these choices. Our vast offering of gifts will help you curate or select something special that your wife will truly enjoy.

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Wife

With our last minute Valentine’s Day gifts for wives, Edible Arrangements® will help you ensure that you’ve got a gift for your much beloved person. With same day selections and available options for pick up at a local storefront, last-minute shopping doesn’t mean low impact gifting. Complete the scene for your special day with a confetti-topped strawberry bouquet, a roses and chocolate dipped strawberry gift, or one of our many treat bundles, like a cheesecake variety platter. Whether you let us deliver your gift to your wife or carefully prepare it for you to pick up and present to her, she won’t even think about when your holiday shopping occurred when you wow her with your delightful gift.

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