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I'm Sorry

I'm Sorry Gifts & Fruit Baskets

All will be forgiven with a thoughtful gift of fresh fruit and chocolate.

I'm Sorry
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I’m Sorry Gifts for Girlfriend

When it comes to buying I’m sorry gifts for girlfriends, it is often best to stick with the classics. A box of chocolate Dipped™ strawberries says “I’m sorry” better than words alone can. Choose a plain assortment of strawberries dipped in semi-sweet chocolate or a Swizzle Berries® with an upbeat drizzle of white chocolate. Your choice.

I’m Sorry Gifts Delivered

Sending your loved one an I’m sorry gift can quickly end a disagreement or fight. Who can be mad at someone who gives them a beautiful gift of fresh, tasty treats? Our collection of I’m sorry gifts makes it easy to tailor your special gift to your recipient’s taste. From fresh fruit arrangements to chocolate Dipped™ treats, an Edible Arrangements® gift is the perfect apology, delivered right to their door.

Sorry Gifts for Him Online

Need to say “I’m sorry” from far away or at work? Edible® Arrangements makes it possible to pick out I’m sorry gifts for him online, from the convenience of your laptop or smartphone. With such a streamlined ordering process, you can see why so many people turn to Edible Arrangements® for the perfect I’m sorry gift.

I’m Sorry Gifts for Him Delivered

There’s no better way to reach a man’s heart than through his stomach. Make the apology process go quicker by having an I’m sorry gift for him delivered to his home or office. You can choose a luxe arrangement of chocolate Dipped Fruit™ that he can’t ignore or a simple heart-shaped box of chocolate Dipped™ strawberries.

I’m Sorry Gifts for Him

Men may not always know what would make their day better, but I’m sorry gifts for him will certainly do the trick. He’ll see how much you care when he eats some of the ripe fruit spears or chocolate Dipped™ pineapples you send. No matter what the fight was about, sweet treats can’t hurt!

Sorry Gifts Ideas for Boyfriend

Not sure what to send your boyfriend as an I’m sorry gift? Browse our collection of I’m sorry gifts for an idea of what’s possible. From chocolate Dipped™ Strawberries with welcoming pineapple and cantaloupe daisies, grape sticks, and fresh chocolate Dipped™ strawberries arranged artfully in a container.

DIY Sorry Gifts

DIY sorry gifts can be impractical, depending on where you live. For long distance relationships, there’s the cost of making the gift and finding a cost-effective way to ship the gift in a timely manner without it breaking. With Edible® Arrangements, you can choose an I’m Sorry Gift that’s the next best thing to homemade, with a fraction of the effort. Our fast shipping options mean that you can apologize the right way faster than you can get to the post office to mail a gift.

Creative Ways to Say Sorry

For creative ways to say sorry, consider ordering a fruit arrangement with chocolate Dipped Fruit™ pieces instead of flowers. Not only is the display nice to look at, but it’s a delicious way to remind someone that you’re deserving of their forgiveness. With new arrangements available seasonally, you can find a creative way to apologize, no matter what.

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