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Gifts For Kids

Delivery Gifts For Kids For Any Occasion

From plush unicorns, bears, puppies, and llamas to balloons and animal and flower-shaped chocolate dipped fruits, our gifts for kids are perfect for a birthday, holiday, or just because! We even have dessert collections and interactive chocolate dipping kits for the whole family to enjoy!

Gifts for Kids
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Gifts for Kids

Choosing gifts for kids can be challenging, especially if you don’t know them well or aren’t sure how their interests have evolved as they’ve gotten older. Edible Arrangements® offers a huge collection of gift boxes, variety platters, and customizable balloon bundles that can include everything from fresh fruits to chocolate confections to cupcakes and cookies to plush animals. As a shareable treat to enjoy at a festive gathering of friends or an individual surprise gift, your thoughtful present will bring a smile to their faces and the fun of the unexpected!

Unique Gifts for Kids

We all love to enjoy our favourite fruit at its peak freshness or delicious chocolate, not to mention our first choice in cookie or cupcake flavour. Take this love for favourites to new heights with one of our Edible® spectacles! From towering fresh fruit bouquets to share, including their beloved pineapples in designs like stars, daisies, or cheerful birds in chocolate array, to sports-themed Edible® Donut gift boxes, your unique gifts for kids are sure to be a hit with kids, families, and friends!

Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything

They have the latest in technology; their closet is more comprehensive than your own; and their online shopping skills may put yours to shame. Fear not! You have the power of surprise and customization on your side, which makes choosing gifts for kids who have everything easier than you might think. They may be able to create an online wishlist, but no one ever gets tired of or too old for the joy of an unexpected delivery to their very own door! With options like personal mini cakes, colourful balloons and fresh flowers, or the explosion of sprinkles partying across a platter of luscious cheesecakes and cupcakes, your special delivery is the one that they will never see coming!

Gifts for Kids under 10

When you consider gifts for kids under 10, think about how energetic they are and how much they often enjoy a wide variety of options. Chocolate dipped fruit assortments refresh them after a day of running around with the nutrients in the fruit but enhance the dessert-feel with the semisweet chocolate coating. If they love cookies, awe them by placing an entire variety platter in front of them that they will (hopefully) share with family or friends.

Gifts for Kids under 5

Especially for younger kids, every discovery is truly magical. For gifts for kids under 5, astound them with fresh fruits in unexpected shapes like flowers, stars, and owls. Let them play with their food by giving them a chocolate dipping kit that minimizes the perils of a sugar rush with some action-oriented fun involving the healthy benefits of juicy fruits, like strawberries and apples, accompanied by sweet coatings of chocolate.

Same Day Gifts for Kids

They wait and wait; they tell you every day for the three months prior that birthdays are coming. Still, the actual day always creeps up on you, their beloved uncle, older sister, or neighbourhood friend. We’ve got your gift giving covered with our same day gifts for kids! Need a sweet treat to stick a candle in? Choose one of our delectable and seasonal cheesecake and cupcake platters perfect for new year wishes and sharing with the crowd. Looking for multiple gifts in one package? Pick a plush animal friend and the balloon or edible treat of your choosing to commemorate the special event!

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