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Fruit Basket & Fruit Bouquet Delivery Near You

At Edible Arrangements® we have thoughtful, unique gift baskets for every occasion from birthdays to baby showers. Shop our entire collection, including our signature fruit arrangements, legendary chocolate dipped fruit and more.

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Fresh Fruit Bouquets

Fruit bouquets offer a healthy treat that is full of flavour. From weight management to daily pick-me-ups, fresh fruit is a delicious treat that contains fewer calories than sweets, but all of the sweet taste. If you are looking for a delightful gift or everyday treat, Edible Arrangements® provides an extensive variety of fruit bouquets all made with fresh fruit. With fresh fruit bouquets packed with apples, cantaloupe, grapes, honeydew, pineapple, strawberries, and more, you’ll be sure to find a hand-crafted fruit bouquet that meets your cravings. Plus, our delicious fruit bouquets are sure to wow on any occasion!

Fresh Fruit Basket Gifts

In addition to flavourful fruit bouquets, your local Edible Arrangements® offers an array of fruit baskets that are not only delicious, but double as great gifting options. With a large variety of options, our fruit baskets include fresh fruit such as cantaloupe balls, honeydew wedges, pineapples daisies, strawberries, and more mouth-watering fruits that come packaged as amazing fruit baskets. Our independently owned and operated local stores only use the freshest, ripest fruits. As a result, all of our fruit baskets, arrangements and bouquets are crafted by our Fruit Experts® so you have an outstanding gift for your friends, family or anyone in your life. At Edible®, we aim to provide WOW-worthy experiences, which means we have something for every occasion. From birthdays, anniversaries and holidays to just because or no reason at all, you’ll find fruit baskets, bouquets or arrangement gifts that meet your needs. Your loved ones are sure to enjoy sampling a variety of fresh fruit flavours just as much as they’ll love that they’re free of added sugar or preservatives!

Fresh Fruit Bouquets Delivered

Although we always want to be there, at times, we miss some special moments, occasions and celebrations with our friends, family and loved ones. While we may not be present, we can still provide our presence with a tasteful gift. Edible Arrangements® offers a large variety of fresh fruit bouquets, baskets and arrangements that can all be delivered to your recipients house, work or any location. Plus, with an array of locally owned and operated locations, our Fruit Experts® can hand-craft your fruit gift and have it delivered in no time. Additionally, our vast selection of fruit bouquets, baskets and arrangements are available online to make it fast, easy and seamless to find a great gift and have it delivered to your loved one! Our fruit bouquets, baskets and arrangements are delivered promptly to ensure that they’re fresh and offer a timely gift. Simply choose a fruit bouquet and we’ll take care of the rest.

Fresh Fruit Gifts Near Me

Fresh fruit gifts made from your local Edible Arrangements® and delivered promptly to the location of your choice. From neighbourhood gatherings to gifts for out of town family members during the holidays, there is always a great occasion to order or send a fresh fruit gift. Plus, with our many independently owned and operated locations in Canada and 1,200 locations globally, Edible Arrangements® offers fresh fruit gifts near you or your loved ones. Finally, with a selection of tasty fruit arrangements, baskets and bouquets, there is something for everyone on your list. When in search of a sentimental gift or a last-minute gifting option, ordering a fresh fruit gift from your local Edible® store meets all of your gift-giving needs.

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