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Owner Stories


Kevin & Vanessa Cianciulli

Multi Unit Owners
3-Stores Enterprise in SC & GA
“My favorite part about this business is coming to work and knowing you’re going to put a smile on someone’s face today, no matter how you feel.”

German Pao

Miami, FL
“The EA support team gives you confidence, and comfort that you can trust them. Having them in place and knowing the way they function gives me the peace of mind to know that if I were to expand, I have a good team that is going to help me be successful.”

Larry Greenberg

Multi Unit Owner
9-Stores Enterprise in CA
"Out of everything I’ve ever done in my professional life, I have never enjoyed being in a business as much as Edible Arrangements."

Stefanie Oliveira

Multi Unit Owner
2-Stores Enterprise in FL, RI
"… Because people love Edible Arrangements, they love being in the store, and they really love talking to you… I feel much more connected to the people that come into my Edible Arrangements  store than I ever did in the past."

Chris & Melissa Adams

Multi Unit Owners
2-Stores Enterprise in GA
"Being in sales my whole life, it’s nice when you have a product that sells itself. I can honestly say that the Edible Arrangements  brand has that… this is something you can present in front of someone, and they’re instantly drawn to it."

Matt & Cindy Moore

Multi Unit Owners
2-Stores Enterprise in PA
"The resources are all there. I couldn’t imagine opening up a retail location without the tools that Edible Arrangements  provided us with. There are always bumps in the road, but the support we received was great."

Sarkis Barsemian

Multi Unit Owner
2-Stores Enterprise in QC
"I’ve always loved fruit—how could you not? It makes me feel good. Edible Arrangements  is trendy, it’s original, and the products motivate me."

Brenda & Jeffery Buelt

Multi Unit Owners
4-Stores Enterprise in MN
"The arrangements practically sell themselves. And I was very impressed with the company. Corporate provides a lot of support. Tariq Farid got off a plane, talked to us, and thanked us for coming. How many CEOs would do that?"

Chris Bukovac

Multi Unit Owner
3-Stores Enterprise in OH
"I’ve never worked harder in my life, and I’ve never been happier in my life. I do it because I love it. I love the Edible Arrangements  franchise system. It’s the best choice I ever made, and I would do it all over again."

Retha & Larry Parsley

Multi Unit Owners
3-Stores Enterprise in IN
"When you reach their door, and they just barrel you down, you know you helped deliver something that’s made their day, or even their week… It’s part of the customer relationship, that response to the product itself."

Claudine Moon &
Laurie Vork

Multi Unit Owners
2-Stores Enterprise in MN
"We’re in Minnesota in the middle of January, trying to sell frozen drinks! But people are buying them, because they taste so great."

Ron & Lori Taylor

Multi Unit Owners
6-Stores Enterprise in OH, PA & WV
"I had a lot of franchise experience, but I had to find something reasonable, as far as cost. It was also important that it wasn’t a flash in the pan that would disappear in a few years."

Pat & Rich Lauria

Multi Unit Owners
5-Stores Enterprise in NY
“Opening up my first store and opening up my fourth store was like night and day. After having done it so many times before, it was a lot easier because corporate has everything down to a science at this point, with a dedicated New Store Team assigned for each opening.”

Candace Schmitt

Multi Unit Owner
2-Stores Enterprise in MN
"I like the variety, and the challenges each holiday brings. If I don’t have a challenge, I’m bored. So Edible Arrangements is the perfect thing for me"

Jack Jianyi Wang

Beijing, China
"...I’ve learned so much being a part of this system. It’s growing, and really gives me confidence. It’s a business that’s worthy of my long-term dedication.”

Arthur & Yana Romanov & Irina Salgan

Multi Unit Owners
6-Stores Enterprise in MA
“It’s rare to find a business where you’re always dealing with happy people. Our customers are ecstatic. You’re greeted with smiles day in and day out. It’s a feel-good business.”

Hashim Choudhry & Ibrahim Choudhry

Multi Unit Owners
6-Stores Enterprise in CA
“Even when we worked as corporate employees, we always worked as if we were owners of each location we visited, as if we were doing it for ourselves. The ownership mentality was always there.”

Judy Annunziata

Multi Unit Owner
3-Stores Enterprise in NY
“The product is selling itself, and everybody loves it. I’m pleased as a franchisee that the business is taking off as well as it has. When I took it on, a lot of people asked me if I was nervous. I haven’t been, and I don’t plan on it.”

Don Law

Multi Unit Owner
3-Stores Enterprise in IL & WI
“We have a great opportunity because we generate such strong positive emotions with consumers. The product resonates with them like nobody’s business.”

Jehad & Rebecca Hannoush

Multi Unit Owners
3-Stores Enterprise in FL
“It comes down to that WOW factor. I still enjoy that smile when someone opens their door and sees the beautiful and delicious fruit arrangement. It’s something that keeps fueling my engine.”

Maurice Welton

Multi Unit Owner
5-Stores Enterprise in TX
"The strength of the brand cannot be denied. We’ve had a poor economy for the past five years, and yet the company has grown, and so have I. Is it me, or is it the brand? I say it’s a combination of both.”

Janakraj Patel

Multi Unit Owner
2-Stores Enterprise in FL
“When a customer calls us back and says, ‘Thank you for making this day special for us,’ that’s the most rewarding part of this business. It’s a special feeling when you can enjoy your customers, learn about them and make them happy—it feels good.”

Sandy Thomas

Dundalk, MD
“It seems like everyone wants to work here! They think it’s the coolest place. And if I can provide a living for someone, that is the most important thing to me— it’s always rewarding.”

Wade & Beth Thomas

Sioux Falls, SD
“My job is putting smiles on people’s faces. Having people come in the store is always exciting. As soon as they smell the chocolate, they think they’re in heaven!”

Manny Serrano

Multi Unit Owner
2-Stores Enterprise in CA
“There was a tremendous amount of caring from the EA management team. I felt secure that I could ask them questions in an open, supportive atmosphere. That really sold me.”

Gurpaul Ahluwalia

Elmhurst, NY
“This is a product that’s always exciting to receive and to send. And I’ve noticed I’m seeing more and more Edible Arrangements  stores and delivery trucks wherever I am!”

Matthew & Kelly Best

Multi Unit Owners
4-Stores Enterprise in MO
“We always wanted to have our own business. We chose Edible Arrangements because it is a happy place—it is gift-giving that excites and pleases our customers. Plus, the beautiful arrangements sell themselves.”

Jim Echols

Multi Unit Owner
2-Stores Enterprise in NC
Edible Arrangements   was unique—I’d never seen anything like it. Unlike other franchises where there was one on every corner, there was not a lot of direct competition in my area. I felt there was a market for this type of product.”

Shelley Lloyd

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
“There are still a lot of people who haven’t been exposed to Edible Arrangements. When they are first introduced to the product, they definitely experience the WOW factor—that is my favorite part about this business.”

Haitham Mansour & Hamsa Arminan

Multi Unit Owners
2-Stores Enterprise in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
“With corporate, we don’t feel like a number—these are people who actually care, and are doing all the right things to make sure we’re happy as owners. It actually feels like a family business that happens to have grown.”

Noreen Hansbrough

Multi Unit Owner
2-Stores Enterprise in IL
“When we first opened, I had to explain to people what Edible Arrangements  was. Today, it’s a household name!”

Gerardo & Jovet De La Torre

Guelph, Ontario
“There’s not a time when someone would open the door and accept the arrangement without saying ‘WOW!’ It gives you a good feeling, and makes people smile the minute they see it.”

Claudia Villarreal

Laredo, TX
“I go in to work and I make people happy—that’s my favorite part of the job. Just seeing the expression on my guests’ faces when they see the arrangements makes me smile!”

Nichole & Stephen McCarthy

Multi Unit Owner
4-Stores Enterprise in MA
“We want to keep our guests happy, and we want to keep  our guests. That’s the most important thing to us—we wouldn’t be where we are now without them.”

David Nixon & Elaine MacDonald

Ottawa, Canada
“One of the things that was important to us was the quality of life we would have. We also had to believe in the product. If we could be passionate about it, we knew we would be successful, because we would enjoy promoting and selling it.”

Jennifer Palma

Multi Unit Owner
4-Stores Enterprise in FL
“Everyone loves Edible Arrangements , it has a good name and it’s a healthy alternative. We have a lot of people here who are health oriented, discriminating consumers.”

Leslie Robinson

Multi Unit Owner
3-Stores Enterprise in MI
“I was the recipient of the first ever WOW Award. They said to me, ‘You WOW us!’ That gesture reinforced to me that the people at the top value and recognize us.”

Wendy Falk & Tracy Schmid

Milwaukee, WI
“The arrangements are easy to sell. And when you see someone smile when they walk out the door with one, it’s such a great feeling!”

Patrick & Stephanie Griffin

Beavercreek, OH
“You’re looking for the WOW aspect in things, and that’s what the arrangements always give to people—I’ve never seen anyone disappointed.”
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