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Fresh, never frozen fruit.

Don't get us wrong... frozen can be a great thing. Ice? Cool! Frozen yogurt? We get chills just thinking about it. But when it comes to fruit, we firmly believe there's only one way to be: fresh. It's not easy to use fresh fruit - it's probably why most others don't - but with our Fruit Expert® know-how, we've got something of an edge here. We use the same amazing fresh fruit in our signature fruit arrangements and chocolate Dipped FruitTM that we do in all of our Edible To Go® products.

Simple ingredients you can pronounce.

We like to call ours "The Authentic Smoothie," because it's just like the one you'd probably make at home, except we freshly-craft it in our stores for you with fruit, ice, and agave (or no agave if you prefer). This idea of authenticity applies to our entire Edible To Go® menu -- if you can't say it, you won't find it in our smoothies, frozen yogurt, or any other fresh fruit treats.

Dozens of smoothies under 200 calories.

We get it - calories count. That's why we've got oodles of options that won't break your calorie bank. Plus, you can choose to order any smoothie without agave to save a few extra if you like. Oh, and even though we left out the calories, we didn't skimp on the deliciousness.

Premium add-ins to fuel your day.

For an extra boost of the good stuff, we've got power-packed ingredients like kale, spinach, oats, flax seed, low-fat yogurt, avocado, and whey protein. Add them to any Create-Your-Own smoothie to make a personalized blend, or choose one of our Meal-On-The-Go smoothies.