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Easter Gifts for Kids

Easter Gifts for Kids

Instead of candies for your child’s Easter basket this year, how about an Edible Arrangement to really light up your kids’ faces? Shop our Easter gifts for kids here!

Easter Gifts for Kids
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Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

Easter baskets are the traditional gift for children on Easter, but there are plenty of other options for the younger crowd. Some families are choosing to move away from candy gifts altogether for health reasons. Others have children who are outgrowing the usual childlike Easter candies, but not quite old enough that they’re ready to give up those cherished Easter Bunny visits. A delicious arrangement of fresh, juicy fruit from Edible Arrangements® is the perfect alternative to the traditional Easter sweets. We offer a large selection of mouth-watering gits, so whether you’re in search of a gift with a bit of chocolate or one that’s focused exclusively on healthy fresh fruit, you’ll find just what you’re looking for at Edbile Arrangements®. A gift from Edible Arrangements® is perfect for kids of all ages!

Fun Easter Gifts for Toddlers

While most toddlers will happily devour endless amounts of chocolate, the adults who love them know that too much chocolate is never a good thing. Start a new family tradition this Easter with an arrangement of fresh fruit from Edible Arrangements®. Choose from arrangements featuring honeydew wedges, cantaloupe wedges, grapes, pineapples, and strawberries, as well as arrangements with a few decadent chocolate dipped strawberries and apple wedges to satisfy your toddler’s sweet tooth without overdoing the chocolate. We also have arrangements featuring dove-shaped pineapple, hand-dipped in white chocolate – the perfect symbol for the season. Whatever your toddler’s taste or preferences, we have a fun, unique gift for them.

Easter Gifts for Grandchildren

If you’re going to get your grandchild a gift for Easter this year, it’s time to look beyond the usual chocolate bunnies. Instead, select a delicious box of chocolate dipped strawberries for the little ones in your life to enjoy. We choose only the freshest strawberries and hand-dip each one in real, gourmet semisweet chocolate for a delectable treat that’s sure to make a big impression. Or, you can opt for a box of Dipped Fruit™ featuring a mix of chocolate dipped strawberries, bananas, and apple wedges for a flavor variety that’s sure to please the youngsters in your life.

Easter Gifts for Kids Delivered

If you haven’t had time to head to the store and find a surprise gift for your child, grandchild, niece or nephew for Easter this year, not to worry – Edible Arrangements® has you covered! You don’t have to worry about finding time to run to the store and browse shelves full of ordinary Easter gifts; instead, choose the perfect gift from Edible Arrangements®, let us know where to send it, and we’ll have it hand-delivered right to your recipient’s door. Because we carefully select only the freshest fruits and craft all of our gifts shortly before delivery, you can be sure it will arrive at the peak of freshness, so they can enjoy it right away!

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