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Fresh Baked Cookies Delivery

By having fresh bakery cookies delivered directly to your home or business, your kindness will be appreciated, and the mouth-watering treats will be enjoyed by all! For any occasion, shop our assorted cookie box collections or pair them with other baked goods, chocolate covered fruits, or balloons!

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Cookie Gift Boxes for Any Occasion

For birthdays, anniversaries, new arrivals, and more, choose one of our cookie gift boxes for any occasion that arises. With available assortments in your choice of sizes and varieties, recipients including new homeowners or newly minted parents will be thrilled by your thoughtful and celebratory cookie gift box. For the upcoming party, cookie boxes with favourites like white chocolate macadamia nut and oatmeal raisin are sure to delight the guests of honour and everyone participating in a momentous occasion.

Unique Cookie Gifts for Everyone

Everyone tends to have a preferred cookie, and your favourite people may divide accordingly into Team Chocolate Chip or Team Snickerdoodle. For unique cookie gifts for everyone and anyone, use our create your own box option to customize your selections, which you might even accompany with fresh fruit arrangements. Other bundles and kit gifts let you include stuffed animals, fresh flowers, fruit bouquets, or balloons with your assortment of soft, chewy cookies. Whether you are choosing unique cookie gifts to please everyone at a gathering, for a special occasion, or just because, our unique cookie collections are thoughtful gifts and delicious indulgences.

Freshly Baked Cookie Gift Boxes & Platters Delivered

When you have freshly baked cookie gift boxes and platters delivered, the people who get to enjoy those delights will appreciate your kindness. For co-workers, party goers, and family members alike, the arrival of platters that include cookie varieties in addition to chocolate covered fruits and cheesecakes are sure to encourage everyone to revel in the simple joy of tasty cookies and the opportunity to connect with each other. To celebrate a promotion or just because you miss your best friend, a cookie and dipped fruit gift box is the edible expression of your heartfelt appreciation and encouragement. When they receive the unexpected gift of your sweet delivery, they will know how much you care!

Same Day Cookie Gifts, Platters & Trays

Is there really anything better than freshly baked, same day cookie gifts, platters, and trays? For any person and any reason, these gifts provide both comfort and happiness. They remind your recipient of a favourite memory. They show an individual that they are truly valued. Although this meaning may seem like quite a lot to put on a mouthful of cookie, this treat is truly one that is capable of transporting people and transforming their days. From mini treat boxes to the visual spectacle of cookie-based dessert boards, bring joy with freshly baked goodness from Edible Arrangements®.

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