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Christmas Gifts for Friends

Christmas Gifts for Friends

Shopping for your friends this Christmas? Edible Arrangements has delicious arrangements perfect for your friends this holiday season. Shop our collection here!

Christmas Gifts for Friends
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Christmas Gifts for Friends

Giving to each of your loved ones during the Christmas season can be overwhelming; the good news is that Edible Arrangements® can help! You can spoil your friend or indulge their entire family with our extensive collection of holiday gifts this Christmas. Whether it’s a small box of apples dipped in melt-in-your-mouth chocolate and topped with almonds, or a basket with a variety of all their favorite fruits, they’ll love a unique and delicious gift that keeps their stomachs and their hearts full.

Christmas Gifts for Work Friends

If you’d like to give something to your work friends for Christmas but don’t want to give each person in the office an individual gift, consider ordering a platter of chocolate dipped fruit with a Christmas theme. Add a box of Red Velvet Berries or a tray of Apple Fruit Truffles® to create a truly amazing gift. If you want to make sure each person does get their own gift, then pick up a box of individually wrapped Fresh Chocolate Caramel Covered Apples. You can even liven up a drab Christmas luncheon with an impressive, edible centerpiece that makes a delicious appetizer or dessert for the whole party. Edible Arrangements® can help you become the star of the office well into the New Year!

Christmas Gifts for Your Best Friend

If you’re stuck on what to get your bestie, then this is your perfect opportunity to spoil them with an indulgent chocolate dipped fruit basket. You can give a festive spin on a classic with a box of Christmas-colored Swizzle Berries® or you can give the healthiest treat they’ll get this year with a bouquet of the nutritious and yummy star-shaped pineapples, strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, and honeydew, topped with a festive Edible® Donut wreath. You can have the goodies delivered right to her door or you can pick it up on your way to visit her at one of hundreds of local Edible® store locations.

Christmas Gifts for Long Distance Friends

For a lot of people, the most difficult part of the holidays is being apart from loved ones, and it’s no different for your friends. The good news is that you can brighten your friend’s mood from afar by sending them love in the form of a yummy holiday treat from Edible Arrangements®. When a delicious Christmas-themed gift like a beautiful arrangement featuring festive Edible® Donut wreaths, chocolate covered pineapple reindeer, and delectable chocolate dipped strawberries shows up at your friend’s door, he’ll know you’re still thinking of him, regardless of the distance between you. After all, it’s easier to focus on the sweet parts of the holidays when you’re enjoying such sweet treats.

Christmas Gifts for Female Friends

While you may not be certain about her tastes in clothes or shoes, the variety of unique, delicious Christmas gifts available this holiday season from Edible Arrangements® will definitely have something perfectly suited to your female friend’s specific taste. You can stick with a universally loved product like a collectible tin containing a bouquet of only the freshest, finest fruits, or you can venture toward a new and exciting treat like our mouth-watering Stuffed and Dipped Strawberries that will pamper her just like you love to do. Choose from several Christmas bouquet options with a reusable base and you can make sure that she has something to remember you by for years to come.

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